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Margo Memmott Senior Archaeologist
Jan 27, 2020
Virginia City Project
Virginia City Project

Margo Memmott, Senior Archaeologist at Broadbent & Associates, Inc., has more than twenty years of experience in her field. Currently, Memmott leads the Cultural Resources Division of Broadbent & Associates, Inc. Reno’s office. 

Recently, Broadbent’s northern Nevada cultural resources team completed the last phase of a multi-year project in the historic mining town of Virginia City, Nevada. The multi-phase project, which began in 2013, was for the upgrade of water treatment facilities in Virginia City. Margo and her team were tasked with using historic documents, photos, and maps to determine areas of high cultural sensitivity.

Margo will be speaking to the Reno Rotary Club about the discoveries of the project, including remnants of once prominent features of the landscape below the surface of the streets of Virginia City. Her presentation, titled “A Useful Model:  Identifying Areas Sensitive for Archaeology in Virginia City, Nevada,” will focus on the project, its findings and what they tell us about the city’s rich history.

Bill Hobin
Feb 03, 2020
Shelter Box for Disaster Relief
Orlando Hudson and Josh Barfield
Feb 10, 2020
Reno Aces Hot Stove
Rotary Provides Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
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