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Steve Lewis Mar 25, 2019
Celebrating The Rotary Foundation
Celebrating The Rotary Foundation

Past District Governor (2010-2011) Steve Lewis joined Rotary in 1995 serving as President of the Carson City Club in 1999-2000. During that year the club earned District 5190's Club of Excellenceaward and was second in the District in Foundation contributions. He served the District for three years as Assistant Governor and since 2004 Steve has Chaired the Permanent Fund, Major Donor Committee where he helped raise more than $2 Million Dollars in new Bequest Society pledges. Steve is a multi Paul Harris Fellow, a charter member of the Paul Harris Society, a Bequest Society member and a Major Donor to the Rotary Foundation.

In addition to Rotary, Steve is a 25+ year member and Past Commander of the Carson City Sheriff's Aero Squadron having flown numerous search and rescue missions. He is a member of the Carson City Airport Authority, currently serving as its Chairman since 2006. Steve is an avid big game hunter and one wild sheep away from achieving the North American Grand Slam.

Benes Aldana Apr 08, 2019
President National Judicial College
President National Judicial College

In 2017 the National Judicial College selected United States Coast Guard Capt. Benes Z. Aldana, chief trial judge of the U.S. Coast Guard, as its president and new leader of the nation’s most influential institute for the continuing education of judges.

Aldana succeeded retiring President Chad C. Schmucker, a former Michigan judge and state court administrator who led the College for three-plus years.  Aldana, was the first Asian Pacific (Filipino) American chief trial judge in U.S. military history.  He took over leadership of an institution offering more than 100 judicial education programs annually onsite, online and across the nation. The NJC has been the nation’s leading provider of judicial education since its founding in 1963, drawing participants from every state and more than 150 countries. On average, the College educates approximately 7,500 judges each year.

The new president, who has also held leadership roles with the American Bar Association (ABA), said he is resolved to leading the College to a renewed sense of purpose and to forging new partnerships.  “With current attacks on the rule of law and on the independence of the judiciary, I cannot think of a better calling than to devote my time and energy to ensure that the guardians of our rule of law are taught not only the knowledge and skills to effectively carry out their judicial duties, but to instill in them the courage to make difficult decisions,” he said.

Rick Casazza and Doug Wiele Apr 15, 2019
Shopper's Square Renovation
Students Share Their Stories Apr 22, 2019
Achievement Beyond Obstacles

Achievement Beyond Obstacles is a joint youth program with several Area 8 Rotary Clubs.  High School counselors select seniors who have faced enormous challenges in their life, yet find a path to graduation.  These students spend a leadership weekend with facilitators Dean and Rochelle Whellams obtaining financial aid education and help figuring out what their next step in life is. 

Rotary scholarships to college or vocational school for selected students range from $500 to $2,500.  This ABO luncheon is one of two Rotary luncheons honoring students from Washoe County schools from all different socio-economic backgrounds who have achieved success despite the obstacles in their way.  

Every nominated student is invited to attend and bring a guest and we will hear a 3 minute speech from some of them about where they have been and where they are going.  You won't want to miss hearing from these students and the impact Rotary is having in their lives.

Alex Stettinski Apr 29, 2019
Downtown Reno Partnership
Brian Crane May 20, 2019
'Pickles' Cartoonist
'Pickles' Cartoonist

Brian Crane was born in Twin Falls, Idaho, but grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. He graduated with a degree in art from Brigham Young University in 1973. Crane and his wife, Diana, have lived in Sparks for 35 years. They have 7 children and nineteen grandchildren.

Brian Crane’s Pickles is a daily comic strip featuring Earl and Opal Pickles, who have been married for over 50 years and shows the funny side of family and friendships.  It  is syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group.  Soon after Pickles’ debut in 1990, Crane “retired” as an art director for an advertising agency in Reno, Nevada to devote his full attention to his comic strip.

In 2001 Pickles was named Best Comic Strip of the Year by the National Cartoonists Society.  In 2012 he won the award for Cartoonist of the Year.  Pickles has topped comics polls across the nation again and again and it appears in over 900 newspapers around the world.