"To get more, give more" is an old but still very true adage. To get more out of your Rotary experience, get plugged in and serve in ways that meet your skills, interests, and time resources. 
Here are some current needs of our club:
1. Outstanding Educator Award - given quarterly. This is a long-time award that our club has given to someone outstanding in the Education community. We can introduce you to the right people to nominate the awardees. Reports to Mary Brock, president. Is parallel to First Responders Award -also given quarterly. Please contact Mary Brock or George Golbov, Membership.
2. Set up/ Tear down - needed weekly before and after meeting. Reports to Carl Fuetsch. Please contact him. 
3. Research Text Messaging program for the club - very short term project.  We're looking for someone to research and recommend a text-messaging program for our club -find out what's out there, pick one, and get it set up. Other clubs have them but we want to pick the right one.I can help with further details. I expect the entire job to only take a few hours. The benefit is we can remind everyone when club meets at a different location or other URGENT announcements. We (almost) all get our texts more quickly and easily than email. 
Reports to Grace Nichols, webmaster. Please contact her. 
If you need help on a committee or project OR have questions, please contact Grace Nichols, webmaster, to get your Club Help Wanted listed on this page. 
Thank you!