Downtown Partnership
Sep 28, 2020
Alex Stettinski
Downtown Partnership

Alex Stettinski is the Executive Director of the Downtown Reno Partnership (DRP), and will be giving an update on the BID/DRP in particular during COVID-19, and an overview of Downtown developments in the pipeline. 

Alex has an extensive background in the improvement district, chamber of commerce, and tourism/destination marketing industries and served in several leadership roles for the past 18 years. He was executive director of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce and Vice President of Operations & Strategic Planning at Visit West Hollywood. Before that, he was part of the revitalization of Downtown Los Angeles at the Downtown Center Business Improvement District and started The Avenues of Art & Design BID in West Hollywood.

Two years ago, he was recruited to start the first BID in Nevada, and this year, the DRP will be awarded an Award of Excellence in the place making/operations category by the International Downtown Association.  He has been very active in this community, educating people about what BIDs are, what they do to improve our communities, nationwide, and why these organizations play a vital role in the revitalization of our downtowns. He is writing a monthly column for the NNBW, and he submits op-ed pieces to RGJ on a regular basis. Since March, five of his articles were published, mostly dealing with the changed role of the DRP and the successes they were able to produce to address the changes.

He has an international background - born in Switzerland, raised in Germany and educated in Germany and the US.