Six High School Seniors Tell Their Story
Apr 15, 2024
Achievement Beyond Obstacles Program Presentation
Six High School Seniors Tell Their Story

Achievement Beyond Obstacles is a joint youth program with four Area 8 Rotary Clubs.  High School counselors and Principals select seniors who are on track to graduate despite enormous challenges in their life.  In this program, students spend a Leadership Weekend with professional coaches Dean and Rochelle Whellams, receive financial aid education and college mentoring, and guidance to help them with their next step in life. 

These students have an opportunity to apply for a Rotary scholarship to college or vocational school ranging from $500 to $2,500.  This ABO luncheon is one of four Rotary luncheons honoring these students from Washoe County high schools and from all different socio-economic backgrounds who have achieved success despite the obstacles in their way.  

Every student who attended Leadership Weekend is invited to attend a Rotary meeting and bring a guest and we will hear a 3 minute presentation from them about their journey and what their plans are post high school. You won't want to miss hearing from these students and the impact Rotary is having in their lives.