Historical Perspective of the Middle East
Feb 01, 2021
Dr. John Scire
Historical Perspective of the Middle East

Dr. Scire has been an adjunct Professor at UNR since 1995 focusing on U.S. Foreign Policy, International Relations, U.S Energy Policy, and U.S. Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Policy.  His military career includes 30 years of active and reserve duty in the Marine Corps.  He has 15 years of service in the Army Reserve Civil Affairs Command as an Intelligence Analyst and as a Psychological Warfare Specialist. He is a graduate of the Naval War College and the Marine Corps Command and Staff College.

His combat experience includes 6 months in the Vietnam jungle on the Laotian border as a Marine Corps infantry Second Lieutenant, and 6 months offshore as part of an amphibious strike force used to intervene when needed onshore in Vietnam.

Dr. Scire has a BA in International Relations, MBA in International Business (Finance), PhD in International Relations.