Dec 16, 2019
Kay Salerno and Shila Morris
Bridging the Generational Gap

Cracking the Millennial Code

Like it or not Millennials are taking over the workforce and by 2025 will represent 3 out of every 4 employees. This means that successful leaders need to be equipped with practical strategies for motivating, training and retaining millennials. In other words we need to know how to talk to the younger generations so that they won’t have their feelings hurt and will get their work done. This presentation is designed to help you do just that by teaching you language tools you can start using immediately to bring more productivity, and harmony to your teams.  

When Kay and Shila were 10 and 17, their parents quit their careers and “bet it all” to buy a tiny breakfast restaurant in a California ski town. These sisters instantly gained a front row seat to the drama of American entrepreneurship, all while bussing tables and working the new family business on the daily. As they became adults, they joined the ownership and helped grow the business into a national brand featured on Food Network and in the New York Times. With Mom and Dad now retired, Kay and Shila lead the business as it serves millions of guests across multiple states each year. Often noted for their unique marketing strategies and dedication to development Kay and Shila continue to seek new business growth and opportunities.

On an even broader stage, Kay and Shila share their stories and strategies as speakers and podcasts hosts, and as the marketing faculty for leadership expert and bestselling author John Maxwell’s 25,000-member team. They love to deliver delightful experiences coupled with results-oriented focus. Whether they’re running a half marathon, on stage in front of thousands, or driving the kids home from school, they pursue fulfillment and encourage others to do the same. In their precious down time, Kay and Shila enjoy spending time with their husbands and children in their hometown of Reno, Nevada.