Colombia Water Filter Global Grant
Apr 08, 2024
Jon Greene
Colombia Water Filter Global Grant

Jon Greene has been a member of Reno Sunrise Rotary since 1998.  His sponsor was his wife, Martha.  He has served in many club roles including president, treasurer, foundation chair, and international director.  At the District 5190 level Jon has been on the District Youth Exchange Committee since 1999, currently serving as the Short Term Exchange Coordinator.  Jon also is the Assistant District Youth Protection Officer and as such he works with the Nevada clubs.

Jon is also an Associate Member of the Rotary E-Club of Global Travelers and is on the club’s board of directors and is on the membership committee.

Jon’s Rotary passion is international service.  In 2000 Jon,  with Jerry and Tasha Hall, participated in National Immunization Days in Accra, Ghana.  This was followed by two additional trips to Ghana, the first was a major grant for clean water and the second time was to look at literacy education in Ghana.  Both Jon and Martha have been  Group Study Exchange team leaders; Jon  to India and Martha to Poland.

 Jon’s wife Martha wrote two Foundation grants for medical equipment for a hospital in Poland and they have been to Poland 3 times.    They have attended 16 Rotary International Conventions.

Jon and Martha are both Major Donors and Bequest Society members.

Jon attended Earlham College and has a Master’s Degree in Library Science from the University of Southern California.  After moving to Reno from Los Angeles in 1987 Jon worked at the Old College School of Law.  After the school closed in mid 1987, he owned a small retail business.  He was able to take an early retirement and work with Rotary Youth Exchange.   Jon is also active with Toastmasters.