Rotary International Senior Annual Giving Officer
May 20, 2019
Steven Solomon
Rotary International Senior Annual Giving Officer
Rotary Scholarship in South Africa: The Return on Your Investment
Steven will share his personal Rotary journey including his Rotary Scholarship in South Africa which led to opportunities with Dr. Jane Goodall & Archbishop Desmond Tutu. 
Steven Solomon is a Senior Annual Giving Officer for Zones 26 & 27 with The Rotary Foundation based at the world headquarters of Rotary International.  Steven is privileged to be an advocate for donors and empower Rotarians in 30 Rotary districts in the far western regions of the United States & Canada along with the Rocky Mountain Region to raise money for The Rotary Foundation.  He educates and hopes to inspire donors by sharing resources, giving presentations and conducting trainings.   He was an Interact Club member and a Rotary Scholar in South Africa. Steven is an honorary Rotarian with two Rotary clubs in Illinois and one Rotary Club in California.