Technology Innovation in Nevada
Dec 06, 2021
Cameron Crain
Technology Innovation in Nevada

Cam is Co-Founder, President and COO of X Co, a tech accelerator of early stage startups in emerging ecosystems with offices in Reno and Las Vegas. 

Cam is a seasoned Manager, Marketing and Investor Relations executive with a background in technology, education, and entertainment. In 2018 Cam formed his friendship and partnership with X Co Founder Shaunt Sarkissian, and the two have been building companies ever since. 

As a Founder himself, Cam is an entrepreneurial advocate and knows first hand the rollercoaster reality that comes with startups. At X Co he helps founding  teams validate their MVP, crystallize their unique value propositions, establish product-market fit, develop intelligent marketing strategies, and cultivate the all-important relationships necessary for teams to raise funds and drive product adoption.