Pathways to Aviation
Jun 14, 2021
Pete Parker
Pathways to Aviation

Pathways to Aviation is a 501c3 non-profit organization formed in 2004 to provide basic aviation education to K-12 students at the annual Reno Air Races. Twelve years later, the organization transitioned to focus on workforce development. Today’s organization provides career readiness training and certification to high school and college students throughout Washoe County and beyond. We’ll learn why the organization refreshed its mission, who’s eligible to benefit, how it leveraged COVID for success, and where its journey is headed.

Pete moved to Reno in 1995 to be the first full-time fundraising director at Bishop Manogue High School. Since then, he’s been the development director at Sage Ridge School, then executive director at the American Heart Association, before starting two businesses…one is a non-profit consulting firm, the other a career development company designed for college students. Today, he’s the executive director at Pathways to Aviation.