Sep 20, 2021
Grant Denton
Karma Box Project

In 2018, Grant Denton founded the innovative Karma Box Project that installed about three dozen clear-front donation boxes across Reno and Sparks, Nev. People place nonperishable foods, hygiene products and other items in the boxes, and folks remove what they need. The boxes are painted by local artists.

“I always remind people of the Karma Box motto,” Denton says: “If it’s empty, fill it. If you need it, it’s yours.”

Today, Karma Box has grown from its namesake mission to become an umbrella organization that “partners with homeless people, meeting them where they are,” Denton says.

This partnership ranges from safe restrooms to counselors in emergency rooms, from secure and sanitary tent communities to helping people obtain identification documents so they can access social services on their journey from homelessness.