Apr 26, 2021
Irene Perball
Her Childhood in Nazis Occupied Amsterdam.

Irene Perbal, resident of Mokelumne Hill, lived in Amsterdam and was 7 years old when on May 10 1940 Germany invaded her country and the Nazi occupation started in The Netherlands.  Her whole family not only became part of the resistance but her parents even took Jewish people in hiding, in spite of the Nazis having warned that whomever helped a jew would be treated like one.

During her whole early childhood they lived in fear and privations.  Even young children were involved since the parents told them daily to not tell anybody about the people hidden in the house since the Nazis were always on the look to find and deport Jews. 

Irene will present the story of her youth under Nazi rules with slides and personal experience. Follow her family’s endurance while learning history from one who was there and tells you a first hand narration.