Reno Philharmonic
Oct 02, 2023
Evelyn Klatt
Reno Philharmonic

I think it’s safe to say music is my life. While I am not a performer on stage, I’ve spent nearly a decade engrossing myself in the symphonic music world and have witnessed first hand the transformative power music to connect, heal, and inspire. My job- put simply-  is to attract audiences to the concert hall and to connect donors to a cause that they are passionate about. I live in a world where I am surrounded by the arts every single day– and it’s completely changed my life.

For lots of us work tends to get in the way of living – so what are some strategies to create an environment where we can be happy, healthy, and productive? Where we can be in harmony with our daily tasks? I’ve got an easy solution for you – add the arts! Science has shown that we are 15% more productive when we are in an arts filled environment. Not only that, but engaging with arts regularly can help our overall well-being, reduce stress, increase creativity, and even help us live up to 10 years longer. 

There is a mountain of research about the benefits of listening to music while working– it’s been proven to make us smarter, lower stress and anxiety, help make repetitive tasks more bearable, and make us happier. The “Mozart Effect” is a popular theory that listening to Mozart’s compositions (and other classical compositions) for only 10 minutes will immediately increase your spatial intelligence, i.e. you can boost your brainpower.  Listening to classical music at a moderate volume (or music without lyrics) has the ability to help us hone our focus and prevent distractions. Studies have shown that people who listen to music while they work tend to be in better moods, produce work with fewer mistakes, and work more efficiently. 

In addition to all of these amazing benefits, each time we listen to music is a chance to tap into a universal source of comfort, emotional expression, and joy. The power of the arts is undeniable. Doctors have even started prescribing museum visits to address loneliness, dementia, and many other physical and mental health concerns. We are on the verge of a cultural shift in which engaging with art can be a tool for overall wellbeing. Art is hard-wired in our DNA. Art creates culture. Culture creates community. Community, in turn, creates humanity. The arts aren’t just a form of entertainment, they are an essential part of our existence with the power to transform our lives. 

Please join me at Rotary Club of Reno on October 2, 2023 where I’ll take a deeper look at: 

  • How the arts make us more productive
  • The value arts and culture missions bring to you and the community  
  • How the arts affect our brains 
  • Easy ways to add art into your day 
  • What the Reno Phil does to support the community and how you can support the arts 

Evelyn Klatt is the Chief Development & Marketing Officer for the Reno Phil, the largest performing arts organization in the state of Nevada.