Prema Farms
Jul 22, 2019
Zack Cannaday
Prema Farms

The summer is here, and our local Community Supported Agriculture is in full swing!  An acronym for Community Supported Agriculture, CSA, commonly refers to a group whose members receive weekly shares of food from a certain farm or groups of farms in their region.   Each member is supporting their local agriculture - not through a retailer or market but directly with pop-up community locations to serve the pickup times, such as local markets, parks, or friendly farmers markets.

Zach Cannady is a local farmer.  He began farming just four years ago, inspired by his travels around the world, and has brought many agricultural traditions into his current operation.  He comes from the hospitality industry in Las Vegas where he was the youngest General Manager in IHOP history at the age of 18.  He moved to larger corporations and into many roles in the service industry.  His life experience pushed him to find ways to increase his quality of life, where he became firmly seated in the practice of yoga, ritual fasting, and food experimentation.  Zach’s path led him to grow his own food and eventually food for his community.  He currently owns a 1.5 acre farm 12 miles from Reno and successfully feeds hundreds of people in the Reno area.  Zach resides in Reno.