Jul 29, 2024 12:01 PM
Tom Hall
Addition Recovery for Attorneys

Tom Hall’s Rotary vocational classification is Active Law Practice, Real Estate, and when he’s not in the courtroom or getting ready for it, he is President of whatever organization he currently belongs to.

Tom is a native of Southern California, grew up at Lake Tahoe (Nevada side), and came to UNR in the early 1960’s, earning a BS degree in Finance and Economics in 1965. He received his law degree from Northwestern University in 1971 and has been practicing law in the area for the past 52 years. He has played a vital role in precedent setting land use cases at Lake Tahoe.

Tom and his wife Peggy have a total of 5 children, all well educated with doctorate degrees. They also have 5 grandchildren ranging in age from 8 to 23 years of age. A forest fire burned down the family home in Washoe Valley in 2016 and they rebuilt with their Airplane House in west Reno.

Tom’s accomplishments include:

  • Served 7 1/2 years in the Air National Guard
  • Elder and active member of Spanish Springs Presbyterian Church
  • Licensed Contractor for 50 years
  • Served 3 terms as President of the UNR Alumni Association
  • Former Chair of the UNR Foundation
  • Former Chair of the Community Foundation of Western Nevada
  • Member of the Whittel Advisory Board for Little Valley,
  • Member of the Washoe County Bar Associations
  • Member of the American Bar Association

Tom pilots his own Beechcraft Bonanza and his current passion is aviation education. He is the Founder and President of Pathways to Aviation. He is also Co-Trustee of the George W. Gillemot Foundation.

Tom stopped drinking alcohol on March 11, 1991, and has 33 years clean and sober living as a member of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). He will discuss the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step Program and how alcoholism affects many attorneys, young and old.