Hiking in Nepal
Mar 02, 2020
Tom Young
Hiking in Nepal

Tom is Partner and Principal of a local planning, engineering, and surveying firm based in Reno.  He is currently in charge of engineering in their Reno Office.  Lumos & Associates employees nearly 100 people and focuses on meaningful public and private projects.  Tom's current projects include StoneGate, a 5,000 home Master Planned Committee, the 2020 City of Reno Sewer and Roadway Rehabilitation, and a new multi-use trail along the Truckee River.        

Adventures include being an Eagle Scout, climbing Mt. Shasta, Mt. Whitney, Mt Rainier, The Grand in the Tetons, and many Sierra peaks.  Last spring he and his 13 year old daughter Hannah went trekking in Nepal.

Tom will share his and his thirteen year old daughter’s experience of Himalayan trekking in Nepal through their pictures.  Before his daughter Hannah was born, Tom was introduced to a father and his teenage daughter on a kayak adventure in Alaska and he thought he would do a similar adventure if he ever had children.  Fast forward many years and it was time for Tom and Hannah to connect on their adventure.  Tom is looking forward to traveling with his younger daughter Jessie in a few years.                           

Hannah is in 8th grade at St. Teresa of Avila Catholic School and enjoys mountain biking and playing with her two dogs Ella and Kodi.  

Tom is a board member of the Eagle Valley Children’s Home, St. Teresa of Avila Finance Council, and is the mountain bike coach of his daughters’ team and is President Elect of the Rotary Club of Reno.