Nov 30, 2020
Marlene Olsen
Major Project Presentation and Vote

Because of the COVID-19 restrictions this year, many of the youth projects that we fund could not operate this year. The Community Service Committee and President Tom saw this as an opportunity to wrap these funds together and allocate big funding to a new project in our community that will create big impact and improve the lives of youth in our community.  The funding total is $55,000!

At the meeting, we will hear from the club liaison and representatives of the top projects. All projects are high caliber and will create a huge impact in our community. They will get five minutes to present their projects to the membership. Q & A’s will follow, so don’t be shy!  Then members on Zoom and in person will vote for their top choice. 

This is the first time we have had the membership, instead of the committee, select a project.  We are excited to see what happens!  Your vote as a member of the club will count!