Speaker Date Topic
No Meeting May 21, 2018
District Conference Week
No Meeting May 28, 2018
Memorial Day Holiday
Art Rangel Jun 04, 2018
Nevada Economic Development
Joe Toft Jun 11, 2018
The Hunt for Pablo Escobar
DRI President Kristen Averyt Jun 18, 2018
Mike Higdon Jun 25, 2018
Reno 365 Photography Project
Reno 365 Photography Project

Hi, my name is Mike Higdon and I'm a Nevadan through and through. Born in Las Vegas and raised there for 18 years, I moved to Reno 14 years ago to study journalism and political science at the University of Nevada, Reno. For two years after graduation, I lived in Carson City and spent weekends around Lake Tahoe. Then, I moved to Midtown and now I live on Dickerson Road WAY before it’ll be cool  (before it was the cool thing to do #ThingsHipstersSay). A few years ago I created the blog Drinkable Reno, covering the business and politics of beer and spirits.

In my new role as the city life reporter, I cover urban life, gentrification, change and culture and continue my reporting on local booze news for the Reno Gazette Journal. It's my job to discover and share lifestyle and economic trends while translating city government and business news from wonk to normal people speak. And while I don't expect to give up navel gazing entirely, I investigate and report on the not-so-great parts of Reno that need real change and attention.

When I’m not working, I like to photograph people and places, light and objects that catch my eye. I prefer not to pose people because humans are more interesting without instruction. I’ve started collecting vintage cameras and developing my own film, which is a hobby that may or may not last.

Dylan Shaver Jul 09, 2018
Nevada Mining Association
Nevada Mining Association

Dylan Shaver is the vice president of the Nevada Mining Association. Dylan has nearly two decades of experience in public policy, campaign work, and lobbying in Nevada. He joined the NvMA in 2011 as director of public affairs. He also worked on more than two dozen political campaigns, serving as an advisor to several elected officials, and founded the Sagebrush Nevada Group, where he served as both a campaign consultant and advocated for clients from variety of industries across the state.

Chris Hoff- Reno Tahoe Open Foundation Jul 16, 2018
Charitable Impact on Community
Mickey Ganitch Aug 20, 2018
Pearl Harbor Survivor